NextDent LCD1

NextDent LCD1

NextDent LCD1 Key Specifications

  • Remote diagnostics and repair
  • 2-year warranty including LCD panel
  • 3x faster than SLA printers/matches digital light processing printing speeds
  • Super smooth surface finish
  • Form and function geared towards clinical users
  • Auto calibrated – no user calibration required

End-to-end Dental Solution

This small sized 3D Dental Printer using LCD technology delivers a complete workflow combined with our new NextDent Wash & Cure for post processing. This reliable workflow offers an easy-to-use solution for 3D printing with high quality results.

LCD1 wash

NextDent Resin Wash

  • 2 container washing system using Ethanol, IPA or washing solvent
  • Magnetic stirrer, simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy-to-use 

NextDent Cure Station

  • Small LED Cure station validated for NextDent resins 
  • Easy-to-use 

How long to wash and cure resin prints?
Wash and cure times for resin prints vary by NextDent materials.  Please Maintain timings as already recommended for NextDent resins and follow instructions as indicated for your NextDent resin. 


  • Removable denture bases/Full & Partial Dentures
  • Try-in devices
  • Long-term temporaries
  • Indirect Bonding Trays for orthodontic applications
  • Splints 
  • Prosthodontic models/Orthodontic models
  • Custom trays
  • Gingiva Masks for implant models
  • Castable parts
  • Surgical Guides


  • Reliable easy-to-use small sized 3D Dental Printer
  • 3x faster than SLA printers/matches DLP printing speeds 
  • Super smooth surface finish 
  • Auto calibrated – no user calibration required

Tech Specs

  • 3D Printing Technology: LCD
    Printing Size: 128 x 80 x 140 mm
    Machine Size: 271 (W) x 292 (L) x 416 (H) mm
    Machine Weight: 15 kg
    Pixel Size: 49 micron
    Printer Wavelength: 405 nm
    Printing Speed: 4.5 cm/hr.
    Material System: NextDent resins / open platform
    XY Resolution: 49 μm
    Slice Thickness: 30 – 150 μm
    Resin Wavelength: 385 ~ 405 mm