3D print medical devices in high performance polymers with EXT 220 MED

The EXT 220 MED, formerly the Kumovis R1, is an open filament 3D printer designed to enable manufacture of medical devices with implant- and medical-grade polymers like PEEK and Radel® PPSU.


Fully controllable build chamber heating

Heat up to 250 degrees Celsius, prevent device warping, increase layer adhesion, and adapt build chamber temperature to suit specific polymers

Laminar airflow enabling homogenous temperature distribution

Guarantee reproducibility with no temperature gradient within the build part


Adaptive local temperature management

Adjust local cooling for each strand and layer individually, heat up to further increase layer adhesion, reduce the need for post-processing, and simplify removal of support structures


Optimized for operating in clean rooms

  • Integrate the EXT 220 MED platform into standard medical production environments
  • Receive support to pass medical qualification processes (IQ,OQ,PQ)
  • Use the extractor hood to connect the printer to your clean room air exhaust

Includes a filter system

  • Keep particles out and prevent contamination
  • Fulfill ISO class 7 clean room requirements according to DIN EN ISO 14644

Features advanced contamination prevention

  • Eliminate the risk of contamination of filament and final parts
  • Simplify cleaning and maintenance with smart design such as touch-to-open hinges

Monitor Processes and Assure Quality

Besides monitoring all relevant process parameters, the industrial-grade control system and software used in the EXT 220 MED make process analytics and documentation feasible even in highly regulated industries.


  • Craniomaxillofacial
    • Cranial Implants
    • Maxillofacial Onlays
  • Orthopaedic
    • Bone Plates
    • Spinal Cages
    • Radel® PPSU Instruments
  • Suture Anchors


      • Eight high-performance medical grade polymers
      • Temperature management ensures superb mechanical properties
      • Clean room capable build chamber
      • Monitor and document your processes using real-time data
      • Homogeneous build chamber temperature up to 250°C

      Tech Specs

      • Manufacturing Technology: Fused Layer Manufacturing (FLM)
      • Machine Dimensions: 823 x 985 x 1950 mm
      • Build Volume: Ø180 x 150 mm
      • Production accuracy: 100/100/100 μm
      • Layer thickness 50-400 μm
      • Printing Speed: 100 – 3500 mm/min