sPro 60 HD-HS


High-throughput of medium-sized parts (up to 330mm long). Production-grade nylon parts production. Produce housings, machinery components, complex end-use parts, functional assemblies, jigs and fixtures.

Cost Effective and Reliable

Repeatedly and economically, 3D print functional end-use parts with high resolution in a broad range of thermoplastic, composite and elastomeric materials.

High-Throughput of Medium-Sized Parts

The sPro 60 HD-HS SLS 3D printer is known for its high-throughput of medium-sized parts (up to 330mm long) in the broadest range of thermoplastic, composite and elastomeric materials available in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This production printer produces durable parts for a multitude of applications such as housings, machinery components, complex end-use parts such as ducting, functional test parts and assemblies as well as healthcare products and tools.

High production speed with high definition

The ProX® 800 printer gives you one single point of contact for expert application support and daily use of our gold standard Stereolithography 3D printing technology. The wide spectrum of Accura® additive manufacturing materials is developed and tuned to our SLA 3D print engines and enable rigid, tough/durable, clear, casting, high-temp, composites and specialty materials to meet your application and product requirements. Rapidly 3D print prototypes, investment casting patterns, thermoforming molds, and more, and integrate with our software technologies to enable mass-custom manufacturing processes in your production line.

Advanced Part Manufacturing Workflow

Our customers count on this robust printer for the toughest applications, year after year. It offers far superior living hinges, snap fit and other mechanical joints than any other technology. With the broadest range of materials available in SLS, the sPro 60 produces strong parts with high thermal and chemical resistance. And it is the most economical thermoplastic solution for large quantities of parts.

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