SLA 3D Printing Technology​

Prototypes, tools and production parts with the gold standard in 3D printing

What is SLA (stereolithography)?

Stereolithography is the first commercialized 3D printing technology, invented by 3D Systems’ Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Chuck Hull in the 1980s. It uses an ultraviolet laser to precisely cure photopolymer cross-sections, transforming them from liquid to solid. Parts are built directly from CAD data, layer-by-layer into prototypes, investment casting patterns, tools, and end-use parts. 

Once the SLA printing process is complete, SLA parts are cleaned in a solvent solution to remove any residual uncured resin from the part surface. Cleaned parts are then cured in a UV oven. 

ProX 800

SLA quality at high throughput to address the broadest range of applications

ProX 950

All the benefits of SLA 3D printing in an extra-large format

ProJet 6000 hd

Highest 3D printed quality and accuracy for small to medium sized parts in the SLA lineup

Projet 7000 hd

Mid-range integrated solution for SLA quality and accuracy

Build Volume

ProX 800
650 x 750 x 550 mm (25.6 x 29.5 x 21.65 in) build volume

ProX 950
1500 x 750 x 550 mm (59 x 30 x 22 in) build volume

ProJet 6000 HD
250 x 250 x 250 mm (10 x 10 x 10 in) build volume

ProJet 7000 HD
380 x 380 x 250 mm (15 x 15 x 10 in) build volume

SLA 3D Printing Technology

Tolerances on SLA parts are typically less than 0.05 millimeters, making it an excellent choice when precision is your top priority. Delivering the smoothest surface finish of any additive manufacturing process, the quality of SLA parts makes this  versatile technology great for:


Similar aesthetics and properties to injection-molded ABS

Tough & Durable

Look and feel of polypropylene


Including the industry’s highest clarity material for polycarbonate-like parts


Resins specifically formulated for QuickCast sacrificial patterns for investment casting

Composite & High Temp

Heat deflection temperatures up to over 215c (419f) offering exceptional performance under extreme conditions

Specialty Materials

Options for jewelry-specific casting and dental model production

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