According to Enterprise Minnesota, there are over 10,000 open manufacturing jobs in Minnesota right now. This has left employers scrambling to find ways to fill these holes. (source: Enterprise Minnesota)

This is troubling because manufacturing in Minnesota makes up 14% of the total economy and represents over 40% of the jobs in the state. (source:

Why is this?

The 2019 State of Manufacturing Survey shows that 49% of Minnesota manufacturing employers said their biggest challenge was attracting and retaining a qualified workforce. 54% of those same companies say they plan to combat this problem by maximizing productivity from the existing workforce. Since efficiency is the key to maximizing productivity, Minnesota manufacturing companies are actively trying to find tools to help them with this.

2019 State of Manufacturing – Complete Survey Book

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3D Printing is helping manufacturing companies around the world to solve this problem. One of the thousands of examples of this comes from a large Aerospace company. They started using 3D printers to produce TIG welding fixtures instead of traditional methods. By 3D Printing the first fixture, they saved 84% in production time and 56% in cost over those traditional methods. This time savings allowed their workforce to focus on the next job in the queue. (source: 3D Systems).

If this is real, why doesn’t every applicable manufacturing company use this technology?

That’s where it gets a little complicated.

Engineers and Manufacturers are bombarded by sales calls and emails from 3D Printing companies. Some Engineers we’ve spoken with told us they’ve even been called by more than one brand in a single day. This makes the research process very difficult for companies who are already pressed for time but need the advantage of a 3D Printer. It’s critical to choose the right printer for your specific needs and we fully understand that.

Here’s how we can help.

Nota3D has a much different approach to 3D printer sales. Our goal is to help you find the right 3D printer for your specific needs; even if that printer isn’t from us. While we strongly believe in the brands we represent, we understand that our solutions aren’t for everyone. If that ends up being the case, we will gladly recommend another brand that is a better fit. It all starts with a discussion about your company and your processes.

How much time and money can you save with the right 3D Printer? Contact us to start the conversation with us.

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