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What Are the Benefits of Full Color 3D Printing?

Full Color Additive Manufacturing - Advantages and Applications Full color 3D printing has revolutionized the way we design, prototype, communicate, and create. Its ability to accurately reproduce colors, textures, and gradients opens up a realm of possibilities...

Colorjet 3D Printers

From educational settings to the most demanding commercial environments, 3D Systems’ ProJet CJP 3D printers provide unparalleled color capabilities at exceptional print speeds, efficiency and low cost of operation.

cjp 660


A staple of full CMYK color 3D printing

860 pro

860 Pro

Full CMYK photo-realistic, large-scale 3D printing


Over the past few decades, 3D printing has become an industry standard amongst brands looking to create dynamic and influential designs for their products.

It’s about taking design to the next level.

Full CMYK color capability allows you to bring your designs to life in full high-quality color. The ability to print gradients also gives you complete creative freedom with your prints. You can pull 3D designs from your screen and create physical models of your creations quickly and efficiently.


Our Color-Jet 3D Printers are renown for their quality and speed. We’ve empowered brands around the world by helping them create true designs that represent their most complex ideas by bringing them to life. Our printers feature some of the most impressive benefits in the printing industry.

  • Fast print speeds   
  • Low operating costs
  • Safe and eco-friendly printing
  • Easy post-processing with no supports to remove
  • A full range of finishing options to meet your application requirements


The days of 2D illustrations to convey designs are in the past, as complex structures require a more realistic and tangible approach. The time and precise communication needed to take a design from the drawing board to the consumer is immense.

With Color-Jet 3D Printers, you’re able to work faster and smarter with your designs — saving a ton of time and money during the creative process and development plan. The dynamic nature of 3D printing allows you to make necessary changes and alterations before designs arrive at the manufacturer.

The communication necessary to bring an idea to life can be daunting. True transparency with designers and manufacturers is critical throughout the entire process. With 3D printing technology, you’re able to accurately represent the product without having to play guessing games along the way. This makes for a faster process, a smarter design, and a better product.

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